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About Us

In 2003, Danesh Parsian was established as a Knowledge and technology-based enterprise by a group of experts to represent new IT-based services and products. The significant aim of DAPA was providing the most efficient products and services at the highest level of quality by using new technologies with the efforts. During these years, the most crucial tools for growth of Danesh Parsian were support, critique and satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we have continued our successful path with a new approach and special consideration to customers’ opinion to deliver the best, fastest and easiest professional solutions and services.

Our Customers

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The most important asset of Danesh Parsian is its human resources, and all its successes are the result of the services and efforts made by creative, efficient and honest managers and staffs. Faculty members, consultants and employees of the organization provide customers high quality products and services in a warm and intimate environment.

General Conditions

1 . At least 2 years work experience in relevant field.

2 . At least a Bachelor’s Degree (Special conditions will be reviewed by employment committee).

3 . The maximum age of applicants is 35 years (+5 years in special cases by approval of the recruitment committee).

4 . Salary and benefits of each position will be determined and paid based on the conditions, experiences, degree and the work plan.

5 . Social security and other legal benefits will be applied from the first day of recruitment.

6 . English proficiency is a priority.

7 . Postgraduates and higher education levels will be prioritized.

8 . Applicants must be residents of the city.

After examining the work record, applicants will be invited to take part in the test. (Test sources will be available to applicants).