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SIB- Integrated Health Record System

SIB is a project that is the most comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and has been provided to be used for all persons around the world. The most important characteristics of SIB which introduces it as a big data are mass production, complex and rapid data and information generating.

It includes a wide range of personal demographic information, records of diseases, medical records, and all information affecting on individual health. Also, there is possibility of interaction with other systems out of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education such as Insurance System, Forensic Medicine, etc.

This sys tem has been established in more than 36,000 urbane and rural regions around the country, more over, employing more than 130,190 health-care staff including Behvarz, Midwife, Nurse, Mental Health Expert, General Physician, Specialist, General Dentist, etc.

General Performance