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About Us

In 2003, Danesh Parsian was established as a Knowledge and technology-based enterprise by a group of experts to represent new IT-based services and products. The significant aim of DAPA was providing the most efficient products and services at the highest level of quality by using new technologies with the efforts. During these years, the most crucial tools for growth of Danesh Parsian were support, critique and satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we have continued our successful path with a new approach and special consideration to customers’ opinion to deliver the best, fastest and easiest professional solutions and services.

Our Customers


The Founder & CEO

Ebrahim Ebrahim Bay Salami is an entrepreneur and a writer with unique and balanced experience in both large scale projects and start-up environments. He was born on 14th September 1973 in a farmer family at Khaf (a town in the East of Iran). Prior to founding Danesh Parsian, he started his career as a mathematics teacher at his hometown. Continuing his university studies, he completed a master degree in Computer Science on Intelligent Systems and a doctoral degree in Information Technology Management on Intelligent Business.

For the second part of his career, Ebrahim Bay Salami bridged into the software and business development further to his passionate in technology. Consequently, he decided to found Danesh Parsian as a company which is looking for new innovative products in order to promote human resource abilities and skills in December 2003. As Danesh Parsian CEO, he invited a group of graduate professionals and experts to join the company. His aim was the creation of a workforce laboratory based on the new technologies to help managers and organizations with scientific, accurate, rapid and inexpensive methods through recognition of workers characteristics including knowledge, skills, talents, abilities, academic and career interests, attitudes, and personality. Dreaming of developing human resource led him to the production of many innovative soft wares during 10 years which are the first-of-their-kind in the country.