About us

In 2003, Danesh Parsian was established as a Knowledge and technology-based enterprise by a group of experts to represent new IT-based services and products. The significant aim of DAPA was providing the most efficient products and services at the highest level of quality by using new technologies with the efforts. During these years, the most crucial tools for growth of Danesh Parsian were support, critique and satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we have continued our successful path with a new approach and special consideration to customers’ opinion to deliver the best, fastest and easiest professional solutions and services.

Our Customers

Agent Opportunities

We are looking for the young and dynamic person to join and help us as an AGENT to know potential applicants those who are interested in working in the fields that we are activated.

Key Points:
  1. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the after-sales services, all products’ support are centrally organized by the central authority in Tehran or by Danesh Parsian headquarter in the provinces, and the representatives will merely deal with the marketing, supply and sale of the products.
  2. There are facilities for agent to inform and promote local content in accordance with the guidelines of the central agency for delegates.
  3. Depending on the type of product or service, part of the price will be paid to the agents as commission of sale (it will be specified in the contracts after the grant is granted).
  4. All applicants must be licensed to operate in one of the main or subsidiary areas associated with the Danesh Parsian services or products, or have the ability to invest and obtain the necessary licenses.
  5. The applicant must be able to market and provide a suitable place for the supply of the products or services.
  6. Due to the competitive conditions and market share, there is no limitation for the number of agents in each city.

Interested candidates may apply by filling out the application form by Click here.