SIB - Integrated Health System

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

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COVID-19: Electronic Health Record System

Danesh Parsian Company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and a team of specialists in various technical and medical fields, has designed the Electronic Health Record System which is now offered in universities of medical sciences and health services, health networks and other centers. Health service providers in use in the country. According to its scientific and technical capability and with a great experience in the field of national projects, and in line with its values, Danesh Parsian started a joint collaboration with the “National Headquarters of Corona-virus Management” to implement and execute electronic health systems.

SIB- Integrated Health System

The integrated health system-SIB has been designed by Danesh Parsian. This system-with the highest level of technology- has been designed and exploited by using experienced experts in the country since 2013. Danesh Parsian is also looking forward to receive the opinions and advice of respected healthcare professionals and IT-based services in this area.

Electronic Health Record

Establishing an electronic health record as a pivotal element in providing new health services to the general public is one of the requirements of the health system of the country. With the design and implementation of an integrated health system (SIB), Danesh Parsian has provided the possibility of creating an electronic health record for Iranians.


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